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Question about mRNA Empty Question about mRNA

Post by Alla on Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:37 am

vicereine wrote:The piece of genetic information removed from an mRNA strand after translation is called a(n)_________.

a) codon
b) anti-codon
c) termination codon
d) exon
e) intron

ok if it said transcription I know it would be the introns are removed, but what is removed after translation? Is it the termination codon (since all components come apart at the end)? Or is this a typo? I ask because I've found some mistakes in my math lessonbook (I'm doing correspondence). It takes ages to get an email back, so I thought I'd ask here first.

This question is a bit tricky. It requires careful reading and understanding of the processes as well as terminology.

1) anti-codons are not present in mRNA - they are codons that are complimentary to mRNA codons by definition.
2) introns are removed from mRNA before maturity and prior to transfer out of the nucleus. Since the question says "after translation", intron is not the answer.
3) termination codon is not translated at all.

Considering that mRNA remains the same after translation (same mRNA molecule can be translated multiple times), the answer must lie in what comes into contact with it during translation but leaves afterward. Since codons, exons, and termination codon are original parts of mRNA they cannot be the answer. This leaves us with anti-codon. During translation anti-codons present in tRNA bind mRNA and removed after the process is complete.

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Good luck!


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