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Forum Rules!

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 28, 2008 3:22 am

1. As on every forum offensive material is not allowed (posting it will result in a ban). 2. This is educational website information irrelevant to the subjects will be deleted.
3. If you have suggestions for other topics, contact administrator. Do NOT post in the wrong subject area!
4. No double posting!
5. Questions in the tutoring sections can be answered only by instructors. Post your follow-up questions by editing your original post, not new post.
6. All materials posted in essay sections are for review only! Copying and distribution of these materials by anyone other than an author are not allowed.
7. Plagiarism is not allowed! When you need help with homework, do NOT post 10 questions about photosynthesis from your textbook, instead ask to explain the process in general or on the molecular level!
8. If you are interested in becoming instructor, contact administrator.


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