Instructor Volunteers Needed!

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Instructor Volunteers Needed! Empty Instructor Volunteers Needed!

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 28, 2008 3:40 am


Online Science Education is looking for volunteer instructors and moderators. If you are thinking about career in Education this is a good opportunity to obtain experience for you. To become an instructor, you need to have at least a B.S./B.A. in the area which you wish to teach. Instructors have responsibility to check the website at least twice a week and answer any questions posted in the tutoring sections of their area of expertise. He or She is responsible for looking up information/details needed to answer questions posed by students. Instructors will have opportunity to collaborate with other instructors via teachers lounge to resolve difficult questions.
Online instructor is a challenging position that requires you to learn as well as teach at the same time! If you think you are ready for it, contact administrator!

Thank you!


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