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Having some issues :( Empty Having some issues :(

Post by Jacquiey9285 on Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:09 pm

I am new to this to bare with me...
I having issues with this question:
1. In pea plants, a plant that breeds true for yellow pods was crossed with a plant that breeds true for green pods. 200 seeds were harvested, and they were planted the following year. All of those progeny had green pods.

a. Name the characteristic (gene), name the alleles (forms), and designate abbreviations.
b. Draw Punnett square for the cross above
c. Draw a Punnett square for the cross of the F1 progeny to one another
d. Draw a Punnett square for a cross where one of the F1 is crossed back to the yellow pod true-breeder. What is this cross called? Why is it called that?

Its driving me insane Sad My professor gave one lecture and is testing us on Wed...

Thanks so much!


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